Accidentally Getting Lucky – Clover Treat Fail

clover treats

Are you looking for a way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, spend time with the kids, AND eat your own weight in chocolate? I know I am, so I considered making these pretzel and chocolate clover treats by Once Upon A Dream with the help of my children, by which I mean I planned to tell them what to do while I ate Hershey’s kisses by the handful behind their backs when they weren’t looking.

But the danger of accidentally creating inappropriate, suggestive cookies lurks in even the most family-friendly recipes, as illustrated by reader Nikki.

clover treats fail

Yes, what you’re seeing are what appear to be green sperm swimming around on a foil-lined cookie sheet, which all of Nikki’s Facebook friends were quick to point out when she posted the picture. Quick – eat them all before the kids start asking questions!

clover treats nailed it

Feeling lucky? Visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for more inappropriate giggles.

3 Responses to Accidentally Getting Lucky – Clover Treat Fail

  1. Monica says:

    The only thing I see wrong here is you didn’t punch up the colours like they did in the original, but other than that, it’s not that bad. Hope it was tasty at least.

  2. sam says:

    Even the originals looks like sperm attempting to fertilise green m&ms to me!

  3. Lisa Ludlow says:

    Yes biology and chocolate.

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