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Crunch Un-Wrap

crunch wrap

There are a lot of reasons to love crunch wraps. They’re so tasty. And cheesy. And (obviously) crunchy. And relatively mess-free, since they’re made of food that comes in its own edible pocket.

Yes, that’s right – food that comes in its own edible pocket. Just let that miracle of food technology sink in a little. No more scooping your cheesy beef directly out of the pan with your hands – this is the Modern Age, people.

You know what this means? You can even grab one from the local drive-thru and nosh in your car! But if you enjoy eating inside your house, and knowing where the ingredients in your meal were five minutes before you put them in your mouth, you can also make your own; just follow this simple crunch wrap recipe by Culinary Couture. That’s what reader Leslie did, and I’ll bet it turned out even better than anything you could get at a fast food restaurant. Right?

crunch unwrap

Still tasty? Possibly. Still crunchy? Questionable. Still mess-free? Definitely not. What gives?

I really love crunch wraps and in theory this sounded like such a good idea. I honestly didn’t think anything could go wrong– it all seemed pretty straight forward. But the soft tortilla was much too small for the crunchy tortilla inside. I thought maybe if I cooked it, it would cook shut for some reason. It did not. When I flipped it, it made a huge mess. I ate it anyways and it was DELICIOUS!

crunch wrap unwrapped

Come visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for more laughs, where her kids are busy making a huge mess whether she flips them upside-down or not.

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