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Fairy Jar Fake-Out

fairies in a jar

Fairies in a jar? It’s beautiful! It’s magical! It’s enchanting!

It’s fake.

I scoured Pinterest for the original pin, and all I could find were broken links and photos without source credits – that’s never a good sign. Then, in case you still thought maybe the pin was real, just check out the jar itself. Fairy wonderland, Hubble photo of a distant galaxy, or obvious use of Photoshop’s starburst effect? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. For reference I’ve linked this fairies in a jar tutorial found on, although I doubt it’s the original, it’s just the earliest one I could find before my eyes started bleeding from searching Pinterest so hard. There’s a reason I didn’t become Nancy Drew when I grew up. Namely, because I suck at mysteries.

Anyhow, despite the suspiciously simple tutorial, the lack of sources, and the clearly tweaked photo, the pin lives on. Why?

I think it’s because somewhere deep inside even the biggest skeptic, lives the heart of someone who wants to believe in fairies. Or the heart of someone who wants to keep their kids occupied for half an hour. Either way, lots of people have tried to catch themselves a jar full of glowing pixies.

As Jeannette of Mommy Needs A Martini¬†explains on her blog, she was no exception. She followed the instructions to the letter, while her own sweet little fairy fanatic waited excitedly. So, how do Pinterest’s fairy jars look in real life?

fairy jar fail

If you guessed that they look like Slimer from Ghostbusters threw up in a mason jar, you’re right! But wait, there’s more. Jeannette then tried to make the best of things by following a tip she’d heard – adding a touch of peroxide to the jar was supposed to keep the glow of those smashed-up goopy fairies alive a little longer.

fairy jar epic fail

You’ll have to read Jeannette’s story to find out how her daughter reacted to this gory scene. Priceless. Let’s just say, it’s too bad the original pin is untraceable – I guess they’ll just have to send the poor girl’s therapy bills to Pinterest directly.

fairies in a jar - killed it

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where the disappointment she creates for her kids doesn’t even glow in the dark.

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