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Flour-Free Flapjack Flop

flour-free pancakes

As a general rule, I never cut anything out of my diet, and this submission reminded me why.

Reader Laurel was excited to find this healthy pancake recipe by Undressed Skeleton, which replaces flour and sugar and other junk with just three ingredients: blueberries, bananas, and eggs. Laurel and her husband had been trying to eat fewer grains, so this seemed like an ideal way to have their (pan)cake and eat it, too.

Now, I usually make my homemade pancakes from a box mix, so frankly I have no idea what’s in them besides the tap water I add, but I’m pretty sure flour and sugar are pretty near the top of the list. What happened to Laurel when she left out all those naughty ingredients?

flour-free pancake fail

She explains, “Turns out there’s a reason that people use flour in pancakes.”

flour free flapjacks nailed it

For more laughs, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she serves up boxed pancakes but the funny is nice and fresh.

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