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Non-Ombre Curtains

ombre curtain inspiration

When a reader known as The Artsy Girl saw this pin with instructions for making ombre curtains, which was uploaded by @mariannatolosa, it seemed like the perfect solution to perk up the color scheme in her soon-to-be-born baby’s nursery. She was sure she’d found an easy way to turn the drab white curtains into a pop of purple.

So, she mixed a little dye in a bucket, dipped the fabric in the dye, and PRESTO!

ombre curtains

Um… ta-da? The magic was supposed to result in some colorful curtains, but instead, the dye did a disappointing disappearing act. Read the whole story on Artsy Girl Crafty World to find out where she went wrong. I mean, aside from the fact that she was so excited to try the pin, she didn’t exactly read the instructions (gee, I don’t know anyone else who would do that… *cough, ME, coughcough*).

ombre curtain nailed it

For more laughs join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her parenting talent does a disappearing act almost daily.


3 Responses to Non-Ombre Curtains

  1. I can sort of imagine the ombre if I squint. :) Ellen

  2. JAMES.M says:

    Hai realy very nice.

  3. sam says:

    those curtains look like synthetic material – most dyes will only work on cotton/natural fibres.

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