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Spray Bleach Shirt: bleacher beware

spray bleach shirt

If there’s one thing I know about laundry (and there probably is only one thing), it’s that bleach ruins clothes. At least the way I use it, it does. I don’t even have to be doing laundry for it to happen – I once ruined a perfectly good 8-year-old pair of yoga pants when I was loading the dishwasher and got a little careless with the detergent. I also  bleached an attractive stripe across the front of my shirt one time when I was scrubbing the bathtub and lazily leaned against the edge of it.

I’m not telling you this just to humble-brag that I’ve cleaned twice in my life. I’m telling you to illustrate my point: bleach and clothing can be a dangerous combination. However, on there’s a spray bleach shirt tutorial that just might change my mind about that. Using a stencil and a spray bottle containing a mixture of bleach and water, you can turn a plain old boring t-shirt into something pretty cool.

Like me, at some point reader Megan must’ve gone a little crazy with the bleach and splashed some on her shirt. Unlike me, however, she had the ingenious idea of using this tutorial to hide the spot and take her t-shirt from ruined to radical.

bleach shirt failHow did her plan go wrong? To start with, she didn’t cut her stencil out with scissors – she carved it from cardboard with her husband’s tactical knife. That’s not the recommended method in the tutorial, in case you were wondering. Then she put a creased-up bag inside the shirt, which did keep the bleach off the back of it, but also prevented the stencil from lying flat. Unfortunately, in my experience, lying flat is pretty much the only way stencils function properly. Plus, I’m pretty sure I can still see the original bleach spot she was trying to hide.

So, is the shirt ruined? Luckily, not any more than it already was. And you’ll be happy to hear that Megan was able to put a positive spin on the experience, reporting, “…all the bleach wore down the fibers of the shirt, so now I have a super soft shirt that I can wear nowhere, ever.”

spray bleach shirt nailed itFor more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her success with bleach and life in general are spotty, at best.

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