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this Peeps Easter Hat is for the birds

Easter Peeps hat

Sometimes I find myself sitting around with entirely too much free time and self esteem, and that’s when I know it’s time to get crafting.

But seriously, when I saw this hat made out of Peeps in the NY Daily News via Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect way to engage the kids in some hands-on Easter fun while ensuring that they got a massive sugar buzz immediately before bedtime. That’s just Good Parenting 101, right?

There wasn’t a tutorial for the hat, just a photo, so I started off with zero clue and only half a plan, which is how you know a project is really going to meet with success. After the sugary dust settled, my kids proudly donned their Peeps hats for the first time.

Peeps Hat fail

Just like the inspiration photo, amIright? This, of course, was also the last time they wore the hats, since the festive little decorations were no match for gravity; they kept falling off and had to be eaten immediately (according to the children).

You can read all about my Peeps hat construction methods, such as they were, and the ridiculous stuff I overheard my kids saying while they proceeded to demolish my dining room and 8,000 Peeps like a couple of frenzied Tasmanian devils, which might help you understand how we got this result. Then check out the short video below, which goes to show there are about a zillion fun ways to use Peeps; I personally recommend starting off with something other than a hat.

Easter Peeps hat nailed it

This post was sponsored by the peeps at Peeps, but the thoughts, opinions, and inability to competently use Peeps in a craft are all my own.

6 Responses to this Peeps Easter Hat is for the birds

  1. Jan says:

    This was great and I too recently did a sponsored post by Peeps and used inspiration from Pinterest, too to make a Peeps Decorated, which actually was a hit in my house but the Peeps Chocolate Covered Lollipops not so much and were more of a hassle then it is worth. Sometimes the best laid plans can surely turn ugly too quickly for words!! Thanks for sharing and loved seeing more Peeps inspired creations!!

  2. Hee hee, so many quotable quotes in this post! :) “Sometimes I find myself sitting around with entirely too much free time and self esteem, and that’s when I know it’s time to get crafting.”

  3. wow. those hats are uh… it looks like your kids had a lot of fun! that’s what matters!

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  6. brandy says:

    Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.

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