Cauliflower Bread Sticks – the vegetable bread that lies

Garlicy cauliflower bread sticks

Oh, Pinterest, the things you make me do. You make me want to build forts for my kids out of giant boxes that take up my entire living room. You make me long for exotic vacations in parts of the world that are so beautiful they make my eyeballs hurt. And, of course, you make me believe that if I try one of your recipes, like this one for cauliflower bread sticks by Seasoned Terrain, that it will magically leap from my oven, delicious and uncharred, and arrange itself into a romantic display of culinary bliss such as the one pictured here.

I can’t be the only one who falls for Pinterest and it’s alluring web of lies!

Apparently not, because reader Carolann pulled her cauliflower bread from the oven, and do you think it folded itself a tapestry cloth napkin, poured itself a glass of wine, and posed on a weathered wooden serving tray like an edible Tuscan dream?

cauliflower bread fail

I think not.

But wait a second, I hear you loyal CraftFail readers thinking. Haven’t we already seen this amorphous blob of food in a previous CraftFail post?

Aren’t you clever and observant! Yes, you have seen it before. But our over-achieving friend Carolann submitted TWO food catastrophes, and I mixed up the after shots – which just goes to show that even a CraftFail post can be a CraftFail. Stay tuned for Carolann’s other food-splosion, which hopefully I won’t screw up this time.

Garlicy cauliflower bread sticks NAILED IT

Join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures for more laughs and humble admissions of complete failure.

6 Responses to Cauliflower Bread Sticks – the vegetable bread that lies

  1. Anna says:

    that is really, truly hysterical.

  2. “…like a Tuscan dream.”

    Perfection, I say.

  3. Laurel says:

    While I have to say it is nothing like the picture, it still looks delicious!

  4. Hugz says:

    But what I want to know is did they taste ok?

  5. Staisha Roberts says:

    While they don’t turn out quite as beautiful, or beautiful at all!, they actually taste pretty good.

  6. Jeanette says:

    I make cauliflower ‘breadsticks’ all the time (and also pizza crust). Mine never turn out perfectly pretty but they do really taste good.

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