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Lightning McQueen Car-ish Crapcakes


It seems like kids’ birthday parties are getting more elaborate by the minute. For starters, when I was a kid (“Oh great, here goes Grandma with another story about how things were back in the stone ages”) nobody came to your birthday party except for immediate family, and the celebration consisted of a cake and a few presents in the exotic location of your very own dining room. The end. These days, every kid in the school gets an invitation, and every child’s birthday party has a theme. And everyone knows that no birthday party theme is complete without cupcakes that coordinate with the themed paper plates, table decorations, mylar balloons, napkins, cups, hats, party favors, streamers, goodie bags, and hired actor wearing a full-sized character costume.

I did fine without festive party hats, adults in cartoon costumes creep me out, and fewer guests just meant more food for me! Of all the changes to birthday parties through the years, the only things I really wish we’d had back in the stone ages were the fancy cupcakes. Because, OHMYGAWD they’re so cute! These Lightning McQueen cupcakes by Your Children’s Birthday Parties¬†are the perfect treat for any fan of the Pixar movie “Cars,” auto racing enthusiasts in general, or people like me who just enjoy eating windshields made out of white chocolate.

Reader Rae took her cupcake excitement one step further, and actually tried to make some! All she needed was icing, some candies, and about a zillion hours to carefully and slowly decorate a batch of car cakes.

lightening mcqueen cupcake fail

Hey, slow down there – this isn’t a race! Actually, I’d still call this a winner – it might not look like Lightning McQueen, but it’s a first place Mater if I’ve ever seen one!

lightning-mcqueen-cupcakes nailed it

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she messes up cupcakes on purpose just so she can eat the evidence before the party.

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