Messed Up Macaroons


I don’t usually have very high expectations of the food I make, which you’d already know if you ever accepted my dinner invitations. But this is especially true when I’m travelling – for me, being on the go usually means eating out of a crinkly bag I bought at a gas station or a shiny wrapper I picked up at the drive through.

But reader Sara and her sister-in-law Kylee pinned high hopes on their macaroons, like these from The Chocolate Hog. They’d both experienced success making the cookies before, and were tired of paying big bucks for them at the bakery. Plus, they decided these delicate delights would be the perfect snack for Kylee’s up-coming 12-hour road trip.

Sara said, “We had big plans for those cookies. They would keep her awake and alive for the whole drive.”

macaroon fail

Sorry, Kylee. I hope you had some change for those rest stop vending machines!

macaroons nailed it

For more funny join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where the kids aren’t allowed to eat in the car until they finish all the stale Cheerios they keep dropping in there.

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  1. anon says:

    You had potential to make really good macarons, they tops are so flat and smooth, unlike the lumpy-topped brown ones. If you want to attempt this again, you can try ageing your egg whites and leaving the batter on the tray for a while to form a skin before baking. And try silpat instead of baking paper.

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