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Not-so-Gummy Bears

gummy bears

In my house, the kids treat gummy bears like currency, trading treats for promises to do each other’s chores. As the mom, I’d feel a lot better about that if the gummy bears were healthier – and if any of the chores ever actually got done.

There’s not much Undressed Skeleton can do about my kids refusing to set the table, but she did come up with some great recipes for all-natural gummy bears, which would certainly help with the other part of the problem. With these healthy snacks, when my kids don’t make their beds I could at least console myself with the knowledge that I’ve tricked them into eating real fruit!

Reader Kristen had enjoyed some success in the past making healthy goodies for her kids, so she decided to try this recipe for a fun, new treat. Maybe her other kitchen triumphs had built up her confidence, because the fact that she didn’t exactly have all the ingredients didn’t discourage her one bit.

Issue one: grocery day is today, so I was out of fresh fruit to use. The kids love V-8 Fusion though, so I figured it was worth it. Bonus veggie content!
Issue two: I don’t typically use gelatin but I had a package of fruit pectin handy.
gummy bear fail

In her defense, Kristen points out, “…the fruit pectin makes a lovely jelly, not so much a firm fruit snack. Sorry about the fuzzy pic, I was laughing too hard!”

So are we, Kristen – so are we!

gummy bear nailed it

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her kids would be begging to eat those un-gummy bears on toast.

5 Responses to Not-so-Gummy Bears

  1. Brooke says:

    Sh should use that “stuff” for surprise muffins or pb&j quesidillas or any other number of things…not a total fail!

  2. Kristen says:

    Brooke, We went at that straight with a spoon! It was tart and pretty delish. I wish I had thought to put the remainder in a jam jar, but alas, once we had our fill the rest went into the bin.

  3. Alyssa says:

    I’ve actually made these and they turned out great! Pectin is way different from gelatin. If you would have followed the recipe, they wouldn’t have failed.

  4. Meedee says:

    Agreed with Alyssa. It is so irritating to me when people claim “FAIL!” on a project/craft/recipe but they don’t even use the right ingredients. It’s as ridiculous to me as saying, “this apple pie recipe is a total fail… even though I used cat litter for the crust and used toilet paper for the filling!”

  5. That is great! That could have totally happened to me.

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