Peep Poop

glam peeps

We’re no strangers to Peep-strosities (Peep-tastrophes? Let’s just go with Peep Fails) around here, but this one took me by surprise. Why? Maybe it’s the sheer fanciness of these dazzling, glamorous homemade Peeps by Buttercream Blondie, which are about a million percent more glitzy and sweet than I was on my wedding day. Maybe I couldn’t believe they didn’t turn out as perfectly sparkly Peeps, even though reader Jessica used official-sounding stuff like piping bags and candy thermometers.

Or maybe it’s simply the contrast between the gorgeous inspiration and the… not-so-gorgeous result.

peep poop

I can see where some Peep-like shapes started to happen, but after a few attempts Jessica says the project sort of pooped out, leaving her Peeps looking less like sugary little chicks and more like the stuff they might¬†leave behind. “I don’t think sparkles will help them much,” she admits. Um, no, probably not. But not every Peep can be glamorous, and at least these Peeps weren’t too pretty to eat!

You know, if you can get past the fact that they look like Peep poop.

glam peeps fail

Join Robyn for more laughs at Hollow Tree Ventures, where most of her attempts to do fancy stuff end up pooping out, too.

6 Responses to Peep Poop

  1. Lara says:

    OK, I was expecting them to be a little misshapen. A little off. Maybe the eyes would be lopsided and they’d lean to one side, or she’d have run out of pastel food coloring and they’d be brown and khaki.

    I was not expecting what I scrolled down to see! I’m dying of laughter here, mainly because I know my attempt to make them would be even worse!

  2. L.O.L.

    My entire life is a craft fail, though, so I can’t really judge too harshly.

  3. Hannah says:

    Looks like mayonnaise…

  4. Lucario says:

    You know, if you used brown food coloring, they’d be the perfect topping for a kitty litter cake.

  5. Monica says:

    While I love these fails, this one made me laugh out loud!!!

  6. Sarah Almond says:

    LOL! I’m so glad we have this site so we can share our goofs, and get some laughs! I feel for you-I’m sure the same thing would happen to me!

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