these oatmeal pancakes didn’t pan out

oatmeal pancake

I like pancakes, even though people like my doctor and Medical Science keep spoiling my fun by telling me they’re not very healthy. But now, thanks to this oatmeal pancake recipe on FitSugar, I can pretend like I’ve been listening to my doctor all along by switching to a healthier, oatmeal-ier version of breakfast.

Reader Lauren was especially excited to give them a try because the recipe is so simple. Only a few ingredients and a few easy instructions – “…what could go wrong?” she wondered.

pancake fail

Well, so far they still look healthy, right? Are those black beans and corn I see? Surely not, but I have to assume this pancake is good for you, since it most certainly doesn’t look like it tastes very good. Maybe Lauren was able to salvage her breakfast on the plate!?! Maybe she could smash it into a flapjack shape, sprinkle a few blueberries on top, drown it in a few quarts of syrup…?

Or maybe not.

oatmeal pancake fail collage

For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she makes regular pancakes healthy by calling them “bread” and using them to make bacon sandwiches.

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