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Wilted Easter Flower Cookies

Easter Holiday Cookies


Your mother-in-law called.  She wants you to host everyone for the Easter gathering at your house this year.

She’s more than willing to help out with the meal, but for dessert?

You’re on your own.

So, you scour the web and came across these beautiful Easter Star Cookies and you feel your eyes glaze over in star-crossed-bliss and your lips go up in a sweet little smile.

Because even the Easter Bunny couldn’t resist these.

Plus, since the Easter egg hunt will be happening at your house this year, the adults have to munch on something to pass the time while little children of all ages hunt for eggs.

And secretly you know you want to show-up the Easter candy lollipops your mother-in-law made last year.

The recipe is simple and easy: 4 snips to a rolled-up ball of dough.  Then bake.  Sure.

Sugar cookies for easter

So you take your scissors to the pretty little balls coated in pastel layers of sugar.

Snip down the center.  Three snips on the side…

Lay them flat.

Add some chocolate to the center.


Your mother-in-law won’t know what to think!

Easter flower cookie fail

She’s probably thinking she’ll not be eating these particular confections anytime soon.

Who asked her anyways?

She might still reign supreme with her special Easter lollipops…for now.

And you have to settle for the wilted Easter flower cookies.

But you tell her that next year, NEXT YEAR, will be the year she’ll be blown away.

She won’t know what to think – then.

Nailed it.

Thank you to reader Laura for submitting her photo.

Easter sugar cookie flower fail

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4 Responses to Wilted Easter Flower Cookies

  1. Sheri says:

    I made these, and while they came out intact and flowery looking, the centers are so fragile they are impossible to take anywhere without breaking apart. I could barely get them off of the cookie sheet without the petals breaking apart in the center. Also the sprinkles part is actually the bottom of the cookie, so it is all weird and flat and melty looking and the top, which is the pretty side, has no sprinkles. Its not worth it for how long it took to snip them, given how much they stick to the scissors. Use a cookie cutter.

    In summary: Stupid pin. I dislike you.

  2. Sarah says:

    Unless you bake these direct in the fires of hell or something exciting like that, I can’t imagine them baking quickly enough to hold their shape as nicely as the ones in the Pin. And having all the pretty sugar on the bottom just seems silly. Overall, these sound like a disaster waiting to happen.

    I love the way the coloured sugar shows through Laura’s cookies, so they look like they’re mouldy. :-P

  3. Laura Chin says:

    Actually, I flipped one over so you could see how beautiful the underside was as well lol

  4. Jule says:

    Or just sprinkle the sugar after cutting – then it is on top…
    C’mon, sometimes some effort can be done. You don’t have to do it day by day, but isn’t it nice to sometimes challenge yourself?

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