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Chewy Nutella Cookie – Nailed It

nutella cookies

Where have these chewy Nutella cookies from Lovin’ From the Oven been all my life? And more importantly, why am I not eating one or twelve of them right now?

Probably because my cookie sheet would come out of the oven looking just like this faithful CraftFail reader’s, who baked her batch even though she knew her dough left something to be desired.

nutella cookie fail

Hang on a second, this might actually be an improvement! Personally, I’ve never once baked a batch of cookies that didn’t all run together, yet it surprises me every time – so the fact that this reader sort of suspected this might happen goes to show she’s already closer to the inspiration that I could ever be. But in this case, I might try to do it on purpose: “I’m sorry, I’d love to share my delicious, chewy Nutella cookies, but I only have two.” Sure, they’re two REALLY long cookies, but it’s still only two.

Although I’ll grant you, they’d be tough to stack up like the originals.

nutella cookie nailed it

For more funny, you can visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where the laughs always run together but aren’t always tasteful.

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