Dark Chocolate Cupcakes of Darkness

chocolate cupcakes

There’s no questioning the perfection of these dark chocolate cupcakes from taste.com.au. Their recipe calls for dark chocolate in the cake AND in the ganache.

Pro tip: “Ganache” sounds kind of dirty if you’re as immature as I am, but is actually a French word meaning, “Look! We found another way to cram more chocolate into this dessert!”

Reader Brenda saw these and, understandably, couldn’t wait to give them a try. The instructions only have four steps, which mostly just involve mixing the ingredients together. Seems simple enough!

chocolate cupcake fail

Oh, dear. It looks like maybe she ran short with the ganache, giving each one a less-than-generous slathering. That shows off the cake underneath – which, upon closer inspection, is a tad pale for cupcakes made with “dark” chocolate. And a few of them look so misshapen, I wonder whether she baked them in a muffin tin or just free-standing in the oven.

But you know what? I bet they’re quite a bit more delicious than the cupcakes I didn’t even bother trying to make today. Plus, Brenda’s photo has a lot more cupcakes than the inspiration, so it definitely has that going for it – when it comes to chocolate, there’s something to be said for quantity!

chocolate cupcake nailed it

Find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she serves up lots of funny – even though sometimes people are just laughing because she’s as misshapen as these cupcakes.

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