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Pinterest Test: Sharpie Mug — Fact or Fail?

Is the Sharpie Mug an epic #craftfail? Find out!

When our good friend The Pintester asked us to try a pin and see how it goes as part of The Pintester Movement, I KNEW I had to try the Sharpie Mug. So many crafters out there have tried the Sharpie Mug, with various degrees of success and failure.

Which camp do you think I fell into?

The Sharpie Mug Inspiration

The Sharpie Mug, as first posted on A Beautiful Mess

First, some background on the Sharpie Mug. This project first became popular through the adorable and aspirational lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess. Those girls just can’t do wrong! The project, published in June of 2012 as His and Her Sharpie Mugs, became a viral hit on Pinterest, and many crafters attempted to duplicate the project.

Although Elsie & Emma can do no wrong, their followers, it appears, CAN indeed do wrong. Search for “Sharpie Mug Fail” on Pinterest and you’ll get an eyefull.

Now I know for a fact this project CAN work. And I think I know where a lot of crafters go wrong. It’s a common CraftFail problem: doing a project without reading the instructions.

Since my suspicion is that a lot of the failers failed to read the directions, I decided to recreate this mistake to see if the project would fail for me too.

Note: If you want to make this project and NOT FAIL, Diyopolis has a lot of tips and tricks for the Sharpie Mug.

The Sharpie Mug: Pintertested

Here’s my Sharpie Mug after one washing in the dishwasher:

Is the Sharpie Mug an Epic Fail?

To make the mug, I just relied on the photo and caption I found on Pinterest: Just write on a dollar store mug with a Sharpie for a permanent, personalized mug!

I did NOT clean, bake, or otherwise try to positively influence the mug.

I wouldn’t call this an EPIC fail, although I am pretty sure the words will wear off further with each washing. In fact, I can kinda smudge the ink with my finger:

smudging the sharpie mug -

Next time, I’ll try it after I read the direction, but for now, I’m calling this version (my version) a craftfail.

So how about you? Have you tried any Pinterest projects? Are you ready to join the Pintester Movement?

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