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Pinwheel Cookies: spinning out of control

Mary Berry pinwheel cookies

Relax… Look deep into my plate of cookies… You are getting sleepy…

Wait, snap out of it! There’s no time to get hypnotized by these pinwheel cookies, straight from the pages of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible – we want to start eating them right away!

Or do we?

Reader Sophie, of Totally Caked Out, certainly thought they’d make a delicious treat. She also thought they’d be pretty easy to make, considering they’re in the “Baking for Children” section of the book.

Turns out these pinwheels spun her into more of a cookie coma than a tasty trance.

pinwheel cookie fail

I wish I could report that they at least tasted good. Unfortunately, they were terrible for eating and weren’t even pinwheel-y enough to hypnotize people into thinking they were good. Oh well, maybe she can use them to prop the cookbook open and try again.


For more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where the closest she comes to hypnosis is pretending to be asleep when her kids ask her to make cookies.

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