Slime Sludge


It’s no secret that kids love stuff that’s gross. They laugh at jokes about boogers, eat gummy candy shaped like worms, and want to keep loosely-capped jars full of insects as pets. So it’s no surprise that something like this stretchy rainbow slime from Tot Treasures is a big hit with the little ones.

When her entire brood started to come down with the flu at once, reader Kirsta figured some slime would be just the thing to cheer them up – because only a child could have a woozy tummy and actually feel better after playing with some oozy goop the texture of snot. With just two ingredients, and one child promising not to hurl into the bowl because “throw-up is not one of the ingredients,” how could anything go wrong?

slime fail

I know what you’re thinking, but Kirsta swears pumpkin guts weren’t one of the ingredients. You can read all about how this happened – and what happened when she had to leave the children UNATTENDED with all that sloppy glop – on her blog. All I know is that it took some real talent to take something that’s intended to be gross, and make it even grosser. Oh well, with kids, the more disgusting the better, right?

slime - nailed it

You can find more funny – and failure – with Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures.

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