Tacky Tech Gloves

touchscreen gloves

Have you seen the Tumblr, Welcome To Amateur Hour, written by CraftFail reader Sophie? This lady can rock a CraftFail, and in this particular case she addresses a very serious First World Problem that touches so many of our lives: touchscreen gloves that are too big. What good is the technology to touch things without touching them, if all the science-y technological magic is down in the fingertips of the gloves, where your actual fingertips can’t reach?

Not willing to give up on the idea of using her smartphone to check the weather while outdoors in the weather, Sophie came up with a plan. She bravely snipped the tips of the gloves off and shortened the fingers, then turned them inside out… a few stitches… almost finished…

tech gloves resized

Well, no one’s going to see the insides anyway, right? Surely once they’re right side out they’ll look good as new!

tech gloves after

You can read the whole tutorial for re-sizing your gloves here¬†– it’s the perfect solution if you have any huge gloves you want to regift to someone with small hands. Or to Frankenstein.

For more funny join Robyn at her home, Hollow Tree Ventures Рwhere she never wears gloves, because they make the beer slip out of her hand.

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  1. anon says:

    LOL little penis fingers.

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