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Wormy Applesauce Cupcakes

no oil cupcakes

Sometimes you just want to be the teacher’s pet.

Gone are the days when a student brings an apple to the teacher’s desk.

Now, students get their moms to bake applesauce cupcakes.

Normally you wouldn’t want worms in your apples, but for these cupcakes, they take center stage.

Green gummy goodness.

And just look at the icing.  It totally reminds you of those Red Delicious apples.  You could probably even change the color to a pastel green to get a Granny Smith effect.

When reader Agi decided to make these for her son’s birthday, she was going for the Red Delicious theme.

And her son could be teacher’s pet for the day.


Except there was no red.

apple no oil cupcakes

They could still pass for delicious, though.

And green gummy worms were no where to be found.  So, she used some multi-colored worms instead.

Forget about the green candy leaves, too.  Way too hard to find.

Why not a mint leaf?  Supposedly they help with digestion, anyways.

Maybe they could pass for those “Pink Lady” apples you see in the store.

But then again, Agi said she decided to add sprinkles to the rest of the cupcakes after that.

That’s cool: they still look good.  Like those yummy pink donuts with sprinkles on top.

But now we’re getting away from the whole “healthier apple cupcakes” theme.

Oh well.

Anytime there’s sugar, cake and sprinkles involved, people aren’t too picky.

Apple cupcakes fail


One Response to Wormy Applesauce Cupcakes

  1. jodie harris says:

    I think you didn’t let the cupcakes cool long enough,because I made cupcakes and took them out of the oven,let then sit for like 30 min and frosted them…. the icing melted. Try putting them in the fridge for like 20 min and or the freezer for 10 minutes. I recommend to put them in the fridge. Thanks ~Jodie Harris

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