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Messed Up Painted Mason Jars

painted mason jarSince they were retired from use as centerpieces on my wedding day several years ago, I’ve been saving roughly 80 skadillion mason jars. For what? I don’t know, but they keep refusing to go out of style as far as decor is concerned, so I keep thinking I’ll use them for something. For now, they’re not doing anything special aside from taking up storage space and beautifully displaying the delicate layer of dust they’ve collected in my basement.

But think of how much more artistic my dust could look if the jars weren’t so boring and clear! There are tutorials all over Pinterest for painting mason jars to look pretty and decorative, like the one pictured above by Katie, darling!

Basically it just involves putting paint it a jar and swishing it around – it seems so simple, even I could do it! Luckily, reader Lucinda sent in some pictures to remind me why I shouldn’t waste my time.

painted jar failLookin’ good! I know the term “artistic” is subjective, but even if you look past the runny streaks, it’s hard to call the newspaper-clotted rim anything other than a craft fail.

painted mason jar nailed itFor more laughs (and a seemingly endless supply of mason jars), join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures!

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