The Pintester Takes on the Scarf-Vest

It’s true that no one will ever accuse me of fashionista-ism. I have pink hair, y’all, for real. Fashionista I am not. But it’s not that I don’t try, especially when I see cute shit like this:

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The instructions seemed easy…

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I got through Hold Scarf Lengthwise…


(Although I actually couldn’t find a “scarf” big enough to do this with, so I’m using a sarong. Deal.)

And then I managed Fold in Half…


But here’s where I got stuck. Tie Top 2 Corners Together? I thought probably that meant that I was supposed to tie the two corners that were in my hands together, but that didn’t really match the pictures. So eventually, I ended up taking the corners in my right hand and tying those together… I guess maybe that’s right?


I won’t even pretend to know what “Tie Top Center to 2 Corners” means. I found a random center and tried to tie it to the knot I already made, somehow.

I ended up with this, which looked fairly close to right.


But, in the difficult process of putting on the vest, which involved a shitfit and many swears…


I somehow managed to untie it, so I had to start over.

Upon re-tying so that the knot would stay knotted, I found that my fat, sausage-like arms could not be put down when the vest was actually on. (“I can’t put my arms down!” Christmas Story. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)


So, yeah. Not something I would wear in public. And, dudes, I would wear sweat pants and pink hair in public, so I’m not exactly picky.


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  1. Okay, your last pic actually made me LOL! Sorry the tutorial didn’t work out for you! Admittedly, you do have to use a pretty long scarf for this to work. Only a couple of the scarves I own are long enough for this. :)

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