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Cosmic Peacock Cupcake

Peacock-CupcakeThe peacock is a beautiful bird, and a cupcake is a thing of beauty, too. As a matter of fact, a group of wild peafowl is called a party (thank you, Wikipedia), and I scarf cupcakes at parties… coincidence??? I think not. I think they have so much in common, it was only a matter of time before¬†Lace and Cakes turned these pretty birds into gorgeous cupcakes.

However, peacocks can also be kind of aggressive and scary. Do you know what else is kind of aggressive and scary? Aliens. Hmm, I wonder what a scary alien peacock cupcake would look like…

peacock cupcake failYikes! Reader Robine reports eating up six hours to make these edible little guys, except it turned out they were barely even edible!

Hey, did you know peacocks can fly? (Thanks again, Wikipedia.) Since we can’t eat them, I say we open the window and see how much these freaky cakes really have in common with their birdy inspiration.

peacock cupcake nailed itFor more funny, check out Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn is stranger to neither baking failure nor bird jokes.

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