Egg-in-a-Hole: A Whole Big Mess

egg in a holeThere are few breakfasts as simple as cereal or instant oatmeal, but if I were going to make Fancy Breakfast (don’t hold your breath) this simple recipe for egg-in-a-hole by The Pioneer Woman seems easy enough. All you have to do is cut a hole in a piece of bread, put it in a pan with around 87 quarts of butter, and cook an egg in the middle. It looks delicious, though if you’re concerned about your cholesterol, you might want to keep the paramedics on standby while you eat. Safety first!

CraftFail reader Lyle threw caution to the wind and decided to make a whole mess of eggs one morning.

egg in a hole fail

Lyle, “mess of eggs” is just an expression – what happened? Oh well, I guess it’s better that your breakfast exploded, rather than your arteries.

egg in a hole nailed itStop by and visit Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn’s always serving up the funny.

14 Responses to Egg-in-a-Hole: A Whole Big Mess

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh come on… My 5 year old can make egg in the hole. This is clearly fake.

  2. robyn says:

    I’ve never tried it – seems like the flipping might be tricky, but then again that’s why I steer clear of the kitchen.

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you Courtney! It’s next to impossible to have that 2nd pic outcome. My daughter has been making these since she was 9. Fake indeed.

  4. F Saunders says:

    Looks like they tried to use french bread, which could be part of the problem.

    But yeah, Toad in the Hole is pretty hard to mess up. I mean, sure, I burnt mine the first time I made it but still…

  5. Gail says:

    I have made this with just about any type of bread you can think of for the last 40 years and the second picture presents one of 2 possible scenarios.
    1) That this is what is left of someone’s breakfast of toast and sunnyside up eggs. Looking at the whites on the right shows they were not flopped while being cooked.
    2) It just wasn’t cooked long enough because I don’t see any browning on the bread at all.

  6. Nikki F. says:

    It’s on the menu at Cracker Barrel. If it is too difficult to make, step away from the kitchen and drive on over.

  7. LB says:

    Yeah, not exactly Pioneer Woman’s original recipe.

  8. penguin tummy says:

    I can make 20 of these on a barbecue at a Scout Camp. They are not that hard! You just have to cook the eggs so they are firm, not runny. Also you can fry the bread circles to eat while you are cooking. Try again, it really is possible.

  9. Abby says:

    Bullseyes are the easiest things to make! I don’t understand how you can make one this poorly.

  10. Maria says:

    I’d never heard of this recipe before, but I tried it a few times after reading this and it came out great.

  11. sam says:

    I wouldn’t be too quick to call fake on this one – I remember going out with a guy once who could not fry an egg. He called me up at work once to ask how to do it because he had tried to fry one; not let the pan heat up enough, and then freaked out and thrown egg everywhere instead of just turning it into scrambled eggs. (Despite this phobia around simple kitchen tasks he was otherwise a great, and intelligent, bloke.)

  12. Elyse says:

    My dad would make these all the time for us kids when we would go camping. I don’t have the best flipping skills, but come on this “craftfail” looks like it’s half eaten.

  13. Bree says:

    I’ve been making “egg in a hole” for most of my 26 years. It’s been a breakfast staple! How anyone could screw it up that bad tells me that they forgot to PUT A HOLE IN THE BREAD AND BUTTER THE PAN!

  14. Silver says:

    We call them eggs in da basket. Very easy to make, there’s no way that person was sober who made that, LOL.

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