Star Spangled Nail Fail

patriotic nailsThese patriotic nails found on Pinterest¬†would be the perfect manicure for my Fourth of July cook-out festivities, and not just because they’d take some of the attention away from the barbecue sauce I usually have up to my elbows.

Turning your fingernails into a near photo-negative image of our country’s flag is widely considered to be one of the most American things you can do, so reader Meg was eager to show her national pride right out where everyone could see it.

patriotic nail failWell, on the bright side, these nails will still take attention away from all that barbecue sauce. Plus, they’ll camouflage any stray blobs of ketchup!

patriotic nail fail collageFor more laughs visit Robyn on Hollow Tree Ventures, where she considers barbecue sauce to be a perfectly valid manicure all on its own.


3 Responses to Star Spangled Nail Fail

  1. Karina says:

    Looking at the original pin very closely, it looks like the star is actually a sticker with some red glittery polish in the centre. I can’t imagine how anyone would be able to recreate this using just nail polish, it looks impossible!

  2. haha, I do love the ‘attempted’ star (seriously, I find it cute!). Thanks for reminding me not to ‘attempt’ and to instead stick with press on nails for the holidays ;) .. though, it would probably snap off and fall into the barbecue sauce .. eek!

  3. Emilie says:

    I think that’s pretty good considering you freehanded yours and the pin was a sticker. I don’t consider this a fail!

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