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these panda rice balls are hard to bear

panda rice balls

When I saw these on Pinterest, I just had to get the details. How does the rice stick together? Is that black licorice? Or wet leaves? Is it true that pandas only have three toes?

As usual, finding an original source from a pretty picture on Pinterest was no easy task. But I was determined, and finally tracked the panda rice balls down on All the answers – with complete instructions to make my own rice-based bears – were finally right in front of me!

In Japanese.

I don’t know if reader Jillian was just winging it from the Pinterest picture or if she mistranslated the recipe, but what started out as a treat for her son’s preschool class turned into a very confusing game of Name That Animal.

panda rollsWell, I say it’s time that kids started learning what a panda crossed with a raccoon wearing Charlie Brown’s lopsided-eye Halloween ghost costume would look like, and now they know. Well done, Jillian!

As far as school snacks are concerned though, I don’t think these will make the endangered list.

panda rice balls nailed itNeed more laughs? Head to Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn fails so much you’ll hardly be able to bear it. (See what I did there? Sorry about that.)

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