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This Camera Needs To Get Canned

iced tea can cameraRecycling your empty cans is great, but Macbarbie07 takes it one step further with her YouTube tutorial for making this hip upcycled vintage camera out of Arizona iced tea cans. She uses them as decoration in her trendy, funky bedroom during this video, in which she is adorable and young and perky and has more energy than I’ve ever experienced cumulatively in my whole life, which might be the result of her having over 2.5 million YouTube fans but I WOULDN’T KNOW (she said without a hint of jealousy).


Anyway, Macbarbie07 makes the process look pretty simple; all it takes is cutting up a few cans and using glue. Reader Olivia figured she could handle that.

camera failOkay, so this one is a little less… polished looking, and the bottom is on upside down, but I think I like it better, and I’ll tell you why – the pop top is popped. That Macbarbie07 might seem perkily perfect, but it was starting to freak me out a little that she could drink a can of tea without opening the lid.

iced tea can camera nailed itFor more funny, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures. Just don’t bring a camera of any kind – she hasn’t done her hair.

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