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This Chocolate Banana Cake Got Mugged

chocolate banana mug cakeNot only is this chocolate banana cake by reported to be a healthy alternative to the regular kind of chocolate cake I eat by the heaping fistful, but it can even be cooked in the microwave (as if there were another way to cook) and in single-serve mug size (for those of you who foolishly consider an entire full-sized cake to be more than one serving).

CraftFail reader Cynthia saw this recipe on Pinterest, hoping she could indulge her chocolate craving without a side dish of guilt. She ended up taking it to work (yes, it’s portable, too – is there NOTHING this cake can’t do?), popped it into the microwave after lunch, and was ready to dig in.

chocolate banana mug failI don’t believe the photo does this failure justice, as Cynthia described it as a “gooey, poop-like creation” with an “ungodly, nauseating flavor,” and went on to liken the banana chucks to snot. Yummy! I guess that explains the numerous negative reviews the recipe got, although I will give it credit for being low calorie, considering she could only stomach two disgusting bites.

chocolate banana mug nailed itFind more funny on Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn’s now afraid to risk the well-being of her chocolate by trying to make it healthy.

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