This Crayon Candle Makes Me Cry

crayon candleIn my house you’ll find a lot of things – like love, Matchbox cars no one plays with but are always out on the floor anyway, and the delicate aroma of a thousand burnt dinners hanging in the air, to name a few. But, if you measure it all in terms of sheer tonnage, mostly what you’ll find are broken crayons.

That’s why I love projects that use up the crayons we’ve snapped, stepped on, or otherwise ruined, like this crayon candle by No Time For Flash Cards. Stuff like this gives my family’s disregard for our own personal property a purpose!

My friend Jessica, of Four Plus An Angel, gave this craft a try, and the results were promising.

She might not have an immediate craft fail on her hands, but she had other problems. Like the fact that she left her beautiful candles out on the deck… while she was out of town. So, what happens to some perfectly lovely candles that are left in the elements?

crayon candle fail

Jessica explains, “There’s a suspicious white-something in them and it rained, so semi-melted candles with a bird poop/rain cocktail is my latest craft.”

Correction – I think you meant they’re your latest craft fail.¬†At least you can’t light them – candles like this are better off being left in the dark.

crayon candle nailed itFor more funny, visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where her kids will probably try to break more crayons on purpose when they see this Craft Fail.

3 Responses to This Crayon Candle Makes Me Cry

  1. Anna says:

    Think I know what THIS mom is adding to the summer bucket list!

  2. Jessica says:

    Thanks for having me, hopefully I’ve set the bar low enough that everyone else will be able to succeed at this one.

  3. Um, what do all those burning crayons SMELL like? Cause it is pretty, but I remember ironing crayon shavings between pieces of wax paper during the old days when or parents never let us have anything glass. Melty crayons smell really, really bad.

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