Bashed Up Bundt Cake

Apple Sour Cream Cake success

I love the look of a cake baked in a bundt pan, like this apple sour cream cake found on English Patis. Not that they look that way very long, mind you, but during those 90 seconds while I stare at them on the cooling rack before digging in and burning my mouth, I can really appreciate their aesthetic beauty.

Celia of English Patis decided to use her bundt pan for the first time to bake up this yummy cake, and got a delicious result by blending two recipes she found on Pinterest. Considering it was her first experience using a pan like this, she was justifiably thrilled with the results – at first.

Apple Sour Cream Cake

Then came the tricky part – removing the cake from the pan. Almost there… Easy does it…

ruined bundt cake

Yikes! Maybe Celia didn’t realize that “pound cake” is a type of yummy baked treat, not a method for removing it from the pan! No, in fact, she admits to skipping that boring part of the recipe where they advise you to grease and flour the pan. On her second attempt she learned from her mistake, and came up with the lovely cake you see up top.

You know what they say – if at first you CraftFail, try, try again!

bundt cake - nailed it

For more funny check out Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she regularly destroys food, as well as her kids’ hopes of not being embarrassed by her.

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