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Crazy Calm Down Jar

calm down jarMore than just glass jars full of glitter, these calm down jars by Momma Owl’s Lab are a meditation tool and a way to help over-excited kids calm down.

At first I didn’t realize they were for kids, and I thought, “Um, my jars are already pretty calm, even without glitter.” But then, after actually thinking about it for five seconds, I figured out that hyper kids can shake the jars up, plop down on the couch, and focus on sitting still until the glitter settles.

Unless they’ve recently eaten Pixie Stix – science still hasn’t found a way to peel kids off the ceiling after eating those.

I have to admit, my house is a little crazy, so I was intrigued. Momma Owl tried six different mixtures, and even timed them so we’d know how long each recipe took to settle. How could we go wrong?

calm down jar failReader Kristyn tried a similar tutorial, but instead of a nifty meditation tool, she came up with this sparkly little gem. I can’t be sure, but it looks like a peanut butter jar filled all the way to the top with solid glitter.

Wait, that’s genius, Kristyn! Give that to the kids in the morning, and they’ll be on the couch ALL DAY waiting for the glitter to float to the bottom. Winning!

calm down jar nailed itFor more laughs head to Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn could probably make a whole set of these just with glitter from the bottom of her purse.

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