Laid Back Lump Cookies

double cookieGoodness, these Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies (photographed and shared by VeryCulinary, created by Picky Palate) certainly do look like cookie perfection, don’t they? Expert multi-taskers, they’ve streamlined dessert by combining two cookies into one, neat, organized little tidy package.

Actually, when I think about it that way, these cookies sort of make me feel like a slacker. I mean, they’re just cookies, and yet they’re already being more productive than I am just by sitting there on a plate.

I sort of prefer this deflated double cookie, or better yet, this entire TRAY of melted, mushed-up chocolatey non-perfection sent in by reader Alissa:

double cookie failNow THAT is a cookie I can sink my teeth into. It isn’t intimidating, and it isn’t making me feel inferior just because I’m eating a whole tray of cookies while (still) wearing my PJs at 4 PM. In fact, Alissa’a cookies look exactly how I feel when I sink into the couch to watch some TV for eight or twelve hours. Laid back little lumps – just like me.

double cookie nailed it

For more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s passing out bonus points to anyone who noticed there appears to be a gallon jug of… pig juice (?) in the background of that photo.


3 Responses to Laid Back Lump Cookies

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  2. Michelle C says:

    I make this cookies often for my family (except with the mint oreos.. mmm!) and they always turn out great!

  3. Lizz K. says:

    The first time I tried to make these, this happened to me also. It seems the problem was that I didn’t read all of the directions.

    It looks simple right? Make some chocolate chip cookie dough and get some Oreos, cover said Oreos, pop in the oven, and Presto! But alas, you cannot use regular chocolate chip cookie dough. The recipe is slightly different to maintain their shape around the Oreo.

    I tried this again after reading the rest of the instructions, and it worked, and tasted, amazing!

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