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Laid Back Lump Cookies

double cookieGoodness, these Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies (photographed and shared by VeryCulinary, created by Picky Palate) certainly do look like cookie perfection, don’t they? Expert multi-taskers, they’ve streamlined dessert by combining two cookies into one, neat, organized little tidy package.

Actually, when I think about it that way, these cookies sort of make me feel like a slacker. I mean, they’re just cookies, and yet they’re already being more productive than I am just by sitting there on a plate.

I sort of prefer this deflated double cookie, or better yet, this entire TRAY of melted, mushed-up chocolatey non-perfection sent in by reader Alissa:

double cookie failNow THAT is a cookie I can sink my teeth into. It isn’t intimidating, and it isn’t making me feel inferior just because I’m eating a whole tray of cookies while (still) wearing my PJs at 4 PM. In fact, Alissa’a cookies look exactly how I feel when I sink into the couch to watch some TV for eight or twelve hours. Laid back little lumps – just like me.

double cookie nailed it

For more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s passing out bonus points to anyone who noticed there appears to be a gallon jug of… pig juice (?) in the background of that photo.


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