Penguin Cupcakes That Ruffle My Feathers

penguin cupcakeThese penguin cupcakes, found in the book Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack, are adorable, delicious treats, perfect for all sorts of occasions – like Eskimo birthdays, zookeeper retirement celebrations, or any party where you’re serving lots of fish. Or birds, I guess.

The book itself makes a fabulous gift, and if you receive a copy I suggest you do exactly what reader Lauren did with her friends: get together and try some of the fancy cupcake recipes.

But if you’re a true CraftFailer, you won’t do it because you’ll end up with tons of cupcakes to eat. You’ll try them so you’ll end up with tons of cupcakes to laugh at.

penguin cupcake failThis photo is how I picture what it would be like to sit around with my own friends, failing at cupcake baking: all round and wrinkly, beaks and arms flapping, google-eyed and far from perfect, but sweet enough to gobble up.

penguin cupcake nailed itFor more laughs you can head to Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn has a strange craving for chicken wings and Starburst.

3 Responses to Penguin Cupcakes That Ruffle My Feathers

  1. kittentoes says:

    Where is the fail?

  2. abby says:

    I guess I don’t see why these are a fail – look pretty darn cute to me!

  3. asthehind says:

    Those penguins look like they’re having a great time to me!

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