Revenge of the Coke Salad

cherry coke saladDoes this Coke salad from Deep South Dish look familiar? No, it isn’t from your nightmares, it’s from a previous fail, in which the funky ingredients called for in the recipe were combined to create little more than a funky, chunky foam.

If you had nightmares about it AFTER that, I guess I wouldn’t be altogether surprised.

A lesser CraftFailer would be discouraged by that frothy mess, but not Heather from Craft Cravings! After the toxic waste professionals hauled off the bubbling remains of her last attempt, she decided to give Coke salad another try.

Halfway through, things did not look promising.

Coke Salad failSo, how did end up? Well, it wasn’t an accidental beverage this time – that’s good, right? But it’s probably not a good sign when the nicest thing you can say about a food is that it’s solid.

Coke salad nailed itFor more laughs visit Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn avoids disasters like this by not even attempting stuff the first time.

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  1. Thanks for featuring me! Will there be a part 3? Probably, but for this trilogy, I think a recipe re-write is in order!

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