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Taking My Photography Skills Out For a Spin

panning kidI’ve seen pictures like this spinning child photo¬†all over Pinterest, and I’ve always wondered how it was done. Does this person have three arms? Are they twirling around while carrying a photographer piggyback? Have they figured out a way to take photos with their face?

I found the answer at Improve Photography, where I learned that you can strap your camera up near your chin while you’re swinging your child around in a circle. Set the self-timer (or use the timelapse feature, if you have it), and your camera will take pics for you so your hands are free to prevent your offspring from being flung into the neighbor’s yard!

CraftFail reader Tracy couldn’t wait to give this a try! Eager to see her son’s bright, happy smile as he gleefully swung around, she set her timer and started spinning.

swinging childWell, he does look happy, at least, although it also looks like he’s attacking the camera. Are those his tonsils I see?

swinging child photo failFor more laughs join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she tries never to catch her fails on film, but often fails at that, too.

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5 Responses to Taking My Photography Skills Out For a Spin

  1. Sarah Almond says:

    Something tells me that if I tried this I’d end up getting puked on. At least you gave it a whirl! :-)

  2. Kristina Roper says:

    I read somewhere that these are Photoshopped. Don’t have a source (I’m on my mobile and lazy)….but its not terribly hard to believe. Those pictures are too good

  3. Ann says:

    I thought that picture was creepy looking.

  4. Lizzie says:

    I think it’s using a wide angle lens

  5. Lisa H says:

    This is photoshopped. Probaby the adult is standing on something to get this type of perspective. It’s a still photo where the human figures have been masked and the background guassian blurred.

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