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Kick This Kickball Purse To the Curb

kickball bagHave you ever been at Goodwill and found some amazingly awesome treasure (“I can’t believe it! A Scrabble board with 75% of the letter tiles missing!”), but couldn’t justify forking over the 37 cents because you didn’t know what you’d do with it once you got it home?

Well, you’re free to upcycle to your heart’s content now, because Amazing Goodwill has their own Upcycling Expert, with ideas for how to transform other people’s cast-off items into great new stuff with tutorials like this one for a¬†Kickball Bag.

Just a few seemingly simple cuts, flips and snaps will take this kickball from forgotten playground junk to stylish new accessory! It seemed so simple, in fact, that CraftFail reader Karen couldn’t resist giving it a try.

rubber purse failUnfortunately, this kickball needs to get kicked to the curb. Instead of being upcycled into a purse, it looks like it just got downgraded to garbage. On the bright side, I can’t quite imagine what kind of situation you’d run into when an inside-out kickball would be the perfect accessory, anyway…

kickball bag failFor more laughs visit Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, who hopes one of her kids sees this purse and makes it for Mother’s Day – so she can stop carrying the one they made out of duct tape.

3 Responses to Kick This Kickball Purse To the Curb

  1. anna says:

    if you read the tute it looks like she only got halfway before giving up with her fail. she might want to go re read that thing i think she can finish it

  2. McKenzie says:

    This is incredibly fake or the person thinks we’re stupid…she stopped mid-craft, looped the chain and called it a day. It’s one thing if the directions were wrong or the person did everything right and it failed, but this is just stopping in the middle and saying it was a fail. Huh??

  3. Jackie says:

    While I’m not a fan of this craft in general (I can’t imagine actually going out in public carrying a black rubber purse!) I would have to say I agree with the other comments, the only fail here is with the crafter not actually finishing the project.

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