The Pintester Takes on DIY Ear Cuffs

OMG, are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Image from TiffyQuake

Image from TiffyQuake

Despite my complete lack of crafting ability, I decided to try it out. I mean, there’s even a video tutorial. How hard could it be, right? (Famous last words…)

For this one, you need some tools– namely, pliers. I stole these out of the garage because they were in the tool chest closest to the door and I’m scared to walk too far in there. Things tend to go in the garage and never come out.


I don’t think they’re exactly the right thing, but hey, you use what you’ve got.

I decided to start with the smaller ear cuff because it looked easier and I got to cut a paperclip in half, and that was sort of a power trip.

cut paperclip

Bending in the pin holes on the sides wasn’t too hard, even though smaller pliers probably would have been better. (I needed a smaller tool. That’s what she said… Wait…)

pin holes in paperclip

The hardest part was bending it into a heart, but even that was mostly ok-ish…

tools and paperclip

And despite having to re-bend things a few times, I ended up with something that was a close approximation of what it should have been.

heart cuff

Emboldened, I decided to get started on the larger (and more difficult) cuff.

Halfway through, it broke.

broken paperclip

Oops. At this point, my awesome little brain decided that the solution was, of course, to use a bigger paperclip. Then it wouldn’t break. I am a freaking genius.

Turns out that the big paperclips are much harder to bend, and the gold ones tend to lose their gold stuff when you twist them a lot.

paperclip swirl

By the time I got to the last steps, things were not going well.

faulty ear cuff

You can’t quite tell from the picture, but the whole thing is pretty much a hot mess. The pliers left teeth marks all over it and the gold started flaking off where it’s bent, which is pretty much everywhere. Not cute, and not something I really want near my earhole, but I needed a picture, so I arranged them as best I could and photographed it.

No Pintesters were injured in the making of this photograph, but I did drop the smaller cuff in my ear and had a momentary fear of it getting stuck in there. But then I saw the photo and the fear was replaced by loathing.


To see more of Pintester’s tests (most of which are also CraftFails), check out her blog at

8 Responses to The Pintester Takes on DIY Ear Cuffs

  1. Hollie says:

    kinda Aztec-goth-steampunk-regularpunk-awesome. i like it

  2. Aurelas says:

    Just paint it and it will look fine :)

  3. Robynne Catheron says:

    All of my crafts look just like this! Even if they’re made of cloth. Glad to know I’m not alone. Thanks for the belly laugh :)

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  5. Liz H says:

    You needed to use rounded pliers/Jewlery pliers so it didn’t make teeth marks

  6. Jane Howitt says:

    Yay! I’m not the only one, then! I’ve just tried and tried and TRIED to make some ear cuffs – disaster! Even though I was using jewellery wire and tools – rubbish!

    And when I tried to put them in/on/around my ear, things got even worse. Either there’s something up with my ears or… well, I just don’t know :)

  7. anon says:

    Yours really isn’t half bad! Not exactly a total fail imo.

  8. Tameka says:

    Woah, that’s not a fail! It turned out really good!Very one of a kind.

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