The Pintester Takes on the Sandwich Bag Camera Filter

I’m not much of a photographer, guys. If you’ve seen my blog, you already know that. But I did recently-ish invest in my first big-girl camera: a really truly DSLR. I set out to learn all the cool stuff it can do, and so far I mostly just shoot in aperture priority mode and call myself a lazy amateur, but hey, it works.

Know what’s cool though? Now I can try stuff like this.

Image from

Image from

Yep, all you do is take a sandwich bag, rip a hole in it, and stick it on your camera for a foggy look around the edges of your photos. Sweet.

Sandwich bag? Check.

sandwich bag

Sandwich bag with a hole ripped in it? Oh sure, I can do that.

hole in bag

And then the only step left was to take pictures, so I started with pictures of a pin test I’d just finished.

smores bites

So yep, I see what you did there, sandwich bag. But really, now it just looks like I burned the s’mores and my kitchen is residually smokey… not out of the realm of possibility, mind you.

I decided to try a different subject…


Yep. Laundry. But at least it’s clean laundry. I do have standards, people.

So the only subject I had left to use was myself, but I couldn’t figure out how to use the timer function on my camera, so, uh, yeah, it’s gonna be unprofessional, make-up-less selfies. Enjoy my chin zit.


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2 Responses to The Pintester Takes on the Sandwich Bag Camera Filter

  1. Kelly says:

    I think your lighting isn’t like the article. He seems to have intense light coming in behind the subject. So the bag is helpful in defusing the light, you also need the right kind of light. Doesn’t seem to tell you that in the instructions though, that’s HIS Fail!

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