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Three Tiers of Bridal Tears

tiers of joy

People disagree about the symbolism behind the three tiers of a classic wedding cake. Some say they represent chastity, bounty and prosperity. Others look at the layers as more practical, saying the bottom is for cutting, the middle’s for sharing, and the top’s for saving.

One thing everyone agrees on, though, is the fact that three tiered wedding cakes are SUPER ADORABLE as tiny cookie wedding shower treats.

That’s why Molly, CraftFail reader and occasional bridal shower baker, wanted to see if her version of these Tiers of Joy cookies would stack up to the inspiration found in Julia M. Usher’s book Cookie Swap, seen above. SO, did she have what it took to deliver the perfect cake-like confection?

wedding cookie fail

I know these look pretty awful, but they ARE perfect, and do you know why? Because everyone at the wedding shower – hostesses, bridesmaids, and guests alike – will get ample opportunity to practice their high-pitched exclamations of “Oh, everything is beauuuuuuutiful! Just perrrrrrfect!” throughout the entire shower.

Believe me, being able to pull off a convincing reassurance that everything is just fine will be a valuable skill on the wedding day, when the bride will likely be freaking out about the flowers, the music, her inability to button her dress up, and the messed-up icing on the actual three-tiered wedding cake.

wedding cookie nailed it

For more laughs, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s happily married primarily because her wedding happened before Pinterest was around to tell her how perfect her wedding was supposed to be.

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