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Chevron Nail Fail

chevron nailsEverywhere you look, ladies have zig-zags on their fingernails thanks to the popularity of chevron manicures like this one from Polish Art Addict. Of course, painting crooked lines that are perfectly straight isn’t easy, so some people turn to professionals to do the job.

That was true for CraftFail reader Rachel (or @CraftFail reader @RachelEkst, as we say on Twitter), who took a photo of her pink and silver manicure inspiration to the salon see if it could be done. Silly question! OF COURSE she can do it Рshe is a professional, after all.

chevron nailsOkay, maybe it looks like somebody sneezed White-Out onto her fingernails, but her manicurist was probably in a rush!

Except that this lovely lacquer took three tries over the course of two hours, because the salon’s nail stylist was absolutely DETERMINED to get it right. Or, at least keep *trying* to get it right.

Eventually Rachel begged to have her fingers back, ran for freedom, and fixed her nails up herself – in a nice, plain pink.

chevron nail failFor more laughs find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where the closest anyone comes to get a manicure is when the toddler covers her hands in Hello Kitty stickers.


5 Responses to Chevron Nail Fail

  1. Sara says:

    It distresses me that that woman could not even apply regular polish without getting it all around her nails and on her skin. Geez, it’s not rocket science.

  2. Karina says:

    Yeah, she needs to go to a better manicurist. She shouldn’t end up with polish all over her cuticles like that.

  3. Annie says:

    Cool story.

  4. TDawg says:

    Could’ve been a LOT worse. Like, if I’d done it.

  5. ElmoLikesBread says:

    It can’t possibly be THAT hard. I do that to my nails all the time with Sharpie permanent markers. They’re really handy and if you make a mistake it literally disappears with a bit of rubbing alcohol without affecting the polish at all.
    I would have thought it’d be even easier to do to someone else’s nails, too.

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