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Glitter Pumpkin – nailed it!

glitter pumpkin

Being crafty is a special talent. Writing is also a special talent, and writing about craftiness is even specialer still! Anna from Random Handprints is one of those people with that special gift, as you can tell by all the amazing ideas she has for decorating no-carve pumpkins for Halloween.

But do you know the most specialest gift of all? Probably not, since I’m making it up, so I’ll go ahead and tell you – the most specialest gift of all is craftfailing at your own craft.

See, Anna created these gorgeous glitter pumpkins, and at first they were the stars of the stoop, the pretties of the porch, the darlings of the doorstep.

glitter pumpkins

But then? Rain happened.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that white glue, even after it dries, is water soluble?

Note: according to science, rain is a form of water!

Another note: also according to science, “soluble” is a fancy word that means, roughly translated, “your craft project is about to look like crap.”

Not sure what that would do to a glitter pumpkin? Let me show you, in this scientific-ish graphic I whipped up.

glitter pumpkin fail

Like magic, the rain separated this craft into two piles: one pile for pumpkins, and another pile for stuff that used to be on the pumpkins. Behold the power of science! I don’t know where the green beans came from – hey, this is CraftFail, not botany class. All I do know is the glitter that once adorned this gourd is now bedazzling Anna’s entire front porch.

And I know that Anna sharing her craftfailed craft with us is truly the very most, most specialest gift of all.

***For more funnies join Robyn of Hollow Tree Ventures, who admits she doesn’t really know if those are green beans since she hasn’t tried to feed a vegetable to her children since 2003.

5 Responses to Glitter Pumpkin – nailed it!

  1. asthehind says:

    That glitter is never coming off her steps! Years later it’ll still be there, even when you think you’ve finally got rid of it all. They don’t call it the herpes of craft supplies for nothing!

  2. Anna says:

    how are you so funny? green beans, I love it.

    thanks for featuring my “pretties!”

  3. Those rain-kissed pumpkins look cleaner than the dishes I just took out of my dishwasher.

  4. Aurelas says:

    This looks like just the sort of thing that would happen to me. Yeah, the glitter is a permanent feature now! “…the herpes of craft supplies”–LOVE IT!

  5. hahahaha says:


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