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Microwave Mac and Cheese Mug Mess

Mac & Cheese mug

As a general rule, I like to stuff carbs and cheese in my face as fast as possible.

So when Pinterest told me I could make my own creamy, delicious mac and cheese in the microwave, I was all for it! Oh, and it’s also cheaper than the stuff you buy at the store? Okay, that’s a nice bonus, but I was already pretty much sold, based solely on the concept of stuffing my face as quickly as humanly possible.

And it’s easy to make, too, according to recipes like this instant mug of microwaved mac and cheese from Babble. That’s why CraftFail reader Jenn gathered up the few ingredients called for, and followed the instructions exactly. Pasta, water, milk and cheese? With a recipe that simple, how could it not turn out perfect?

microwave mac and cheese f

Well, I guess instead of perfect, it could turn out to be a steaming cup of gritty curdled milk, swimming in scalding hot beige cheese water. Umm, no thanks – I’ll just go ahead and wait seven minutes for the macaroni on the stove to be ready.

microwave mac and cheese nailed it

For more funny find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she teaches her kids about delayed gratification by cooking things the old-fashioned way… and then burning all the food and calling for take-out.

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