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Sugar Cookie Shout-Out

sugar cookie bars

Sugar cookie bars, like these from I Heart Nap Time, are a wonderful treat – especially when given away as a sweet, soft, sugary gift to friends.

Mental note: make friends with people who bake. Do nice things so they’ll give me cookies.

Unfortunately, in the land of CraftFail, the softest, sweetest, most sugary treats sometimes turn out over-baked and hard as a brick. How to salvage them? Well, you can always do what reader Lindsay did – coat them with icing (Icing fixes everything!) and turn them into a friendly shout out to your friends at CraftFail.

sugar cookie bar shout-out

Brick-hard or not, sugar cookie bars never looked better – and a shout out never looked quite as sweet. Thanks, Lindsay!

***For more funny find Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’d chip a tooth on a sugar cookie bar if she had to – such is her dedication to eating ALL THE COOKIES!

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