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This Shark Week Cake Really Bites

ocean scene cake

People put a lot of thought and effort into parties, which is one of the biggest hassles of having friends and inviting them over (if you ask me – which I realize no one did, probably due to a complete lack of friends over here). However, some folks really seem to enjoy planning celebrations and making fancy food for them, like Lauren did when she created this incredibly detailed luau hut crab cake for her son’s birthday party, which she submitted to Coolest Birthday Cakes.

That’s where CraftFail reader Mary found a photo of it, and she was inspired by its fishy beachiness to create her own version for a Shark Week party.

Personally, I use Shark Week as an excuse to wrap myself in a blanket, pop some popcorn, and hide from society for several days straight, but I guess I could see using it as a reason to socialize (if there was cake involved).

But was there cake involved?

shark week party foodI used my very best pair of culinary binoculars, and I don’t see a cake under those Swedish fish. Is it possible that someone would eat a cake out from under the decorations on top of it?

I’m kidding, of course – Mary refers to this as “edible food art,” so I think the cake toppings were more of an inspiration than the cake part. Maybe that’s why it turned out so half-baked.


Well, lesson learned: if you take the fishy toppings off a beachy cake and plop them on a plate for shark week, be prepared for it to look like an oceanic ecological disaster.

shark week party food failFor more funny follow Robyn to Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’s practically swimming in jokes.

One Response to This Shark Week Cake Really Bites

  1. Sam says:

    Why is this even here, it’s in no way related to the original?

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