Bunny Biscuit blowout

bunny biscuitsThese bunny biscuits from Kit Frazier are so cute, I can’t decide if I want to snuggle them or pop them in my mouth and eat ’em whole. As disturbing as I made it sound, I’d still probably end up doing the latter, since they’re stuffed with some kind of ridiculously delicious vanilla coconut filling – yum!

But on Pinterest, which has EVERYTHING, you can also easily find bunny buns without smooshy goodness inside, and they’re even easier to make – just roll up a ball of dough, make two snips in the top for ears, poke some eye holes, and bake. So easy!

Or so CraftFail reader Carol thought. She and her husband own a pizzaria and their pizza dough makes great bread, so it only seemed natural to use it to bake up these buns.

bunny biscuit fail

Bunny biscuits? More like plain round rolls – hold the rabbit. I can see where some ears were *supposed* to be, but they seem to have melted into a faceless mass of carbs.

Wait, those don’t sound half bad – pass the bunny butter!

bunny biscuit nailed itFor more funny hop on over to Hollow Tree Ventures, where Robyn bakes up laughs fresh daily. Or weekly, if she’s busy eating giant balls of buttered bread.

3 Responses to Bunny Biscuit blowout

  1. Sarah Almond says:

    Mmmmmmm… faceless masses of carbs… who cares if they don’t look like cute little bunnies?

  2. Jess says:

    I’m with Sarah… NOM NOM faceless carby masses NOM NOM NOM

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