Candy Corn Turkey Snackfail

turkey pop treatsThere’s nothing quite like Thanksgiving to bring families together, motivate folks to feign gratitude, and inspire people to create desserts shaped like meat. Yay, oddly sweet turkey! has some great recipes to help with that last thing, like these turkey pop treats. Just make some Rice Krispie balls (easy), dip them in chocolate (delicious) and add candy corn “feathers” (EWW – but, at least they’re easy to pluck off before you accidentally eat one).

CraftFail readers Laura and Katie were looking for a simple but cute addition to their holiday meal and decided to make these, partly because Mom agreed to pitch in by making the Rice Krispie treat part.

turkey treat pop fail

 Oh dear Рmaybe that was just a bad camera angle?

turkey treat pop fail 2

Or… not. Laura explains what went wrong:

Here’s how it worked out: 1) they weren’t that easy; they were fairly tedious and time-consuming. 2) My mom’s Rice Krispies were like little miniature cinder blocks melded together with rubber cement; after miraculously ripping off a small bite, each of my obliging family members politely chewed as hard as they could, while maintaining a grinning and appreciative facade of effortlessness. 3) I definitely put in the extra time (see #1) but the tedium might have been done in vain.

No way! No tedium is in vain when it results in such a glorious CraftFail!

turkey treat pop NAILED IT

For more laughs join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she admits to secretly eating candy corn, but only if there’s no other candy available. Because she has standards – they’re low, but she’s got ’em.

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