Cozy Greyhound Sweater – Canine Catastrophe

greyhound sweaterAs the weather gets colder, responsible pet owners start thinking about how to keep their furry friends from getting frosty, and nothing’s better to keep your canine cozy than a hand-knit sweater. This photo is from a greyhound sweater pattern by Terri Royea on; apparently greyhounds are notoriously difficult to fit, but you can tell the pooches above are both toasty and beautifully tailored.

CraftFail reader Gosia was determined to knit one of these special snuggly sweaters for a friend’s dog, even though she was a novice knitter at the time. She was quite pleased with how quickly she was able to finish the project, and how cute it was! Now, we just need to try it on the dog…

greyhound sweater failBeing a smart crafter, Gosia is quick to point out that her FRIEND is the one who measured the pup. However, she also learned a hard lesson about the importance of a little thing called “gauge” in sizing hand-knit sweaters.

greyhound sweater nailed itFor more funny, join Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, where she’d probably be more likely to go get a smaller dog than try to knit a bigger sweater.


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