The Pintester Takes on Yarn Embroidered Gift Bags

Saw these stinkin’ cute gift bags on Pinterest, thought, “Hey I could do that.” Famous last words.

And even I knew these were probably not as easy and cute as they looked, so I opted for doing a test run with supplies I already had in my house: namely, a Williams-Sonoma bag and not-at-all-Christmas-colored yarn.


I did, however, buy a set of needles because I couldn’t come up with a way to make the tiny needle from my tiny sewing kit work for this project. So that was my big investment.


When I pinned this, many of you immediately suggested that I should embroider a penis on the bag. That’s not very Christmas-y, guys, come on… Unless we’re talking about baby Jesus’ little peen, and even I am not sacrilegious enough to embroider that on a bag. You’ll just have to survive with my sticking-things-in-holes jokes instead.

I penciled in my design…

pencil design

And began poking holes. I ran into some trouble when I tried to poke through the bag handle reinforcers on the back of the bag. Hrm.


Now this is an old bag, it’s true, but it is a sturdy bag, so I was not expecting the amount of wrinkling that occurred. (Yes, we are still talking about a Williams-Sonoma bag, not a 30-something blogger, thankyou.)

old wrinkled bag

I forged on ahead with my ugly yarn.

ugly yarn

Now, guys. When you stick things in the holes of old bags, sturdy though those old bags may be, the holes tend to… uh… stretch a little. Maybe even tear. Eeek. And I was not being careful and, indeed, ripped a hole.

Here’s a picture. It’s a little gorey.

ripped hole

I still finished, though, because what’s a ripped hole when you have the end in sight, hm? (I just grossed myself out.)

In the end, I’d say if you actually took the time to get a good bag, draw a decent picture, punch holes the right distance apart, and were a little careful with your hole technique, this could be really good. In my case, I ended up with an old, ugly, wrinkled bag with ripped holes that says something vaguely resembling, “Merry Christmas,” if you’re drunk and slurring a little.


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2 Responses to The Pintester Takes on Yarn Embroidered Gift Bags

  1. Debbie says:

    How about putting some corrugated cardboard in the bag, so when you poke the holes the bag won’t wrinkle. Not to mention easier/quicker ;)

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